Peace Harmony

Well, Happy Solstice, my friends! One of the things that’s been hard to adjust to since we’ve returned is that we have dark here (and clouds, barely saw a cloud in Alaska). They have light there, a lot of it, especially as we were bearing down on the Solstice. But on the other hand, I was so reassured to see that the well beloved fireflies have returned — just in time for the California kids to arrive next week. oh, there will be ice cream and fireflies at the Purple Cow!

I haven’t even begun to process Alaska, things to catch up on after time away. But I as aware when I was there, in that vast land of mountains, sky and water, that when left to itself, the land has its own kind of harmony, even if it’s sometimes harsh. And in the face of so much land and so few people, the people will-he-nil-he live in harmony with the land and the seasons as well. There are lessons to be taken from that, for sure… And Mother Earth is inclined to teach those lessons.

And I guess that says as much about Harmony as anything, doesn’t it? Living with what is here, what we’re given? and then finding the place to add our voice to the chorus! What could be sweeter? What would be better work? What could be more Peaceful?

Remember back when Coke wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony? Well, harmony is imperfect, but it’s fun to look for and fun to participate in.


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