Peace and Deliberateness

When I was looking for the right form of the word Deliberateness to use… it’s rather an awkward word, I admit… I wondered for a while if it was really different than intention… But I think so. I think deliberateness includes intention, but it also includes being aware and being careful. So in the pursuit of both Sacred Vocabulary and Peace, it seemed a good word to add.

I often have clear intentions, but I also often fall in the “ready, fire, aim” class of doers, so this is an important word for me. Peace is a fragile endeavor. Much of the work can be accomplished with good will and large vision. But you have to be aware, present and somewhat self-reflective, as well.

If ever a word argued for partnership and cooperation in my life, this would be it! And do you know, I don’t believe either of those words have yet made it onto the vocabulary list. What was I thinking… perhaps that vocabulary is something that develops slowly and relative to the needs of the situation and the wisdom!

So move about your day today with great deliberateness…see how that changes things. It will certainly slow things down and if your weather is like ours, it will be a wise response to the heat…


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