Peace Ethics

Few of us spend enough time in reflection these days. We’re constantly distracted by noise and music. Work has changed so much that very little of it allows much less encourages thoughtful musing. It’s hard to think about what’s important when we’re spending so much time worrying about what needs to be accomplished.

But if we don’t spend time focusing on what’s important to us, on what we value, we’re unlikely to spend our days living into those values. We will to the best of our abilities, but expediencies are seductive.

But it’s never to late to move our lives closer to our values. It’s never to late to push deeper into those values and beliefs. We’re happier when we do. We’re better agents for Peace and Justice. We make a bigger impact on our lives and on the people coming along after us.

Our lives are so full, doing what’s needed next… still we must seek the balance — for our health and for our world. It matters. and it’s damned hard.


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