Acceptance for Peace

If there’s anything the Truth and Reconciliation Tribunals being held all over the world have made clear, Peace does not move forward without acknowledgement of what happened and acceptance that we cannot change our pasts.

It’s helpful when dealing with bad things that occurred if there is acknowledgement on the part of the offender. But that’s not always possible. But what is always possible is to accept that bad things, however unfair have happened.

It’s also important to practice acceptance in the face of wonderful things in our lives that may no longer be part of our daily existence. Relationships end. Careers can be shortcut. Accidents can happen. People die. In the face of such things we not only need to practice acceptance of the events but also gratitude and excitement for the wonderful pieces of our lives that preceded those endings.

As hard as it is, every day we can only start with what we have now, both enjoying it and building our future on it. Life has so many twists and turns. Let’s make the most of what we have now. Tying ourselves to our pasts doesn’t serve anyone. Owning our present lives and our future, we can move away from what happened and toward what is possible. For me? For one thing, that’s about accepting that I might have had much better preparation for what I am now (finally) doing with my life, and then choosing Peace and Peacemaking. What is it for you?


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