Peace Dogs — We’ve Got Lots to Learn

It hadn’t struck me before that many of us spend a lot of time wishing that someone would look at us the way our dogs do… They’re pretty clear about the I love you. They don’t do snarky. They may look sad when we are, but as soon as we turn it around, they’re ready to embrace us again.

It struck me that we might all use a little more of this in our lives. It would be lovely if it happened to us, of course, but what if we learned to occasionally look at the people in our lives as if they were a miracle?

What if we were just a little less judgmental about our reactions to people? It’s not that people aren’t annoying. But why does that have to be the first thing we notice?

After all, people are a whole package of traits, but that’s the miracle. They’re individual and astonishing. Don’t think I’m pointing fingers at other folk, here! Because I have long styled myself as a critic at large! What if I were to become an appreciator at large?

Is it in me? Is it in me to find the miracle in everyone? Is it in you?

Life would be so much better. I’ve long known that we respond to strokes rather than criticism in office life. Why is it so novel that our beloved and even our acquaintances do as well?

It’s a good thing I have a long drive ahead of me. I’ve got a lot to puzzle out. Peace, oh come let me adore you! Let me adore Peace. Let me adore my beloved, well known and new… that will help with the Peace. And it will be true work, because you are a miracle!




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