Peace at the Local Counter

It was funny to think about today’s picture from the Farmers’ Market which I was looking at before I left town. I like lunch counters. Eating at one is such a different interaction than eating at a table. You become part of the life of the restaurant and the churn about getting food out. This counter serves up local food.

Then, there’s a diner I always eat at when I fly from Baltimore, I was happy to be there. So it was funny to look up and see friends at the airport also working their way West. We had a great conversation, I’d actually wanted to speak to the two of them, so Kismet!

And then later that day to be with my dear friend, standing at the counter getting drinks to go along with our dinner in the park in Sebastopol. Counters, counters, counters… life, life, life.

In this time of racial unrest, it would be wrong not to remember that what is so pleasant for me, has been a symbol of oppression for others… oppression that may have been cleared at lunch counters, but not been eliminated.

There’s work to do so that counter eating can just become that…

We should do the work and then we should enjoy the counter experience. It’s not fine dining, but it’s often, as they say where i come from, good eating…

Peace with you, my friends, as we go about the work of Peace and go about the eating…



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