Everyday Peace Comes with Purpose

People talk easily about a dog’s life. Oh, they don’t do anything but lie around and relax.

But dogs have a purpose with their pack. They repel intruders. They find food. and yes, they sleep — so they can repel the intruders. Give them a little pleasure, like the chance to jump in a body of water or dash around a field an they’re happy. Give them what they need and every day is filled with Peace for them. When they don’t have those things they’re either aggressive or timid.

We have purpose as well, It might be doing this or that… anything from plumbing to writing — but I begin to believe, more and more, that we are here to make Peace.

We do a lousy job at it. Perhaps because of that, the world is letting us know just exactly how much it needs us to play an active role in Peacemaking.

I don’t know exactly what that role looks like, but I do know it’s necessary. Pick up a newspaper. Look around your town. Check out the environment. The world needs us. It needs me. It needs you. We’ll do different things. But we all must be about the business of Peace. Every day.

And because Peace is hard work, we should probably also take a few naps along the way, and spend some time dipping our toes in a body of water or racing around a field. It’ll make us happier. Being happier will make us a better Peacemaker, don’t you think?

So, next time you see a dog snoozing, remind yourself that naps help us get ready for the other things we need to do. Peacemaking, for the pups and for us.


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