Peace and What We Wish the Butterfly Effect Were

Last week my friend Rachel helped me preach.  Every year at the winter holidays, I write a small play for Rachel who is my Glorious Holiday elf. She always helps me find a new symbol to those we already use to celebrate the winter Holidays.

Last week, at the beginning of Spring, it seemed that we needed a bit of encouragement to make a difference. Now, I know, because I keep looking it up (because I always forget) that chaos theory doesn’t say that the fluttering of a butterfly wing WILL have some intended consequence, just that everything can have some UNintended consequence.

We thought that perhaps we could flutter our wings, do kind things and see what happens. Apparently Annie thought so too.

Here’s to kindness in this season of Beauty. Here’s to making the decision and then making a difference

Here’s to Rachel and Annie. and here’s to Peace. Now get out there and flutter those wings.


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