Pavilion Peace

OK, I admit it. I have Pavilion Envy. Why I believe they hold the secret to happiness, I’m not exactly sure. But I’ve been to family picnics, church picnics, company picnics, Girl Scout picnics, reunion picnics, friend picnics under their Civilian Conservation Corps eaves for as long as I’ve been around.

Driving down the road around here I see country church after country church with their pavilions off to the side (usually on the side away from the graveyard, but not always. Sometimes they overlook the graveyard and the spirits of the Beloved Dead are often invoked. I confess my head always turns.

Is it the idea of a simpler time when generations gathered together? Is it the eating out-of-doors? Or is it simply the wide variety of potato salads? I don’t know. But I like them. And don’t even get me started on the ones with the fireplaces at the end where you can have winter picnics!  My friends who knew me as a city girl might be surprised to hear of this delight in rural fun, but, ooh. I’m calling my friends Sonia and Sara this morning and setting up a picnic date at our local park.

Peace gets made over potato Salad… I’m absolutely convinced of it.


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