Paradise Peace

In the old myths, Paradise is created, we’re placed in it and then we’re chased from it. These days we point to all sorts of tragedies in the world and say, see? see? See how we’ve mistreated the gift?

No question, we have. But what if paradise is just a bit more resilient than that? What if Paradise is creeping back, all the time, working, working, working to inspire us? Helping us to remember. If Paradise is working to break out, can we inspire it, coax it, encourage it? Can we make more space for it? Can we aid it and do what’s needed to see that it flourishes here on Earth?

Living in Peace means beginning to make the Earth Paradise. You can’t live in Peace and ignore the environmental degradation. You can’t live in Peace and ignore the prisoner or those shoved to the margin by the world’s greed and left there by our indifference or hopelessness. Nope, every little shoot of hope you uncover, whatever your work, you are helping Paradise to thrive. This is our work, folks… creating Peace, uncovering Paradise!


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