Fools for Peace

Oh, April Fool… I’m thinking I’m going to be one all month long. I am steadfastly going to believe in the impossible and do the undoable. (I’ll be the Red Queen and think of six impossible things before breakfast! — I just ignore her penchant for separating her servants’ heads from their bodies… even for a cartoon, that’s pretty brutal!).

Let’s get right back to Peace-ibilities. They’re endless you know and our Peace-abilities are enormous. So let’s stretch and see what we can accomplish. I’m never one to underestimate the power of the frivolous, but it’s easier to start off being an April Fool on the first, and then begin as you mean to go on! And keep having fun while you do it!

And don’t you love the spiffy new design by Nancy Cleaver? She says about Peace Squares: “There are many ways to see peace, and sometimes one has to repeatedly look forward and back to gain perspective. Then the pattern emerges which allows the entire vision to shift, and the present moment to take hold.” I like it for those reasons, but I also like it because it reminds me of tulips. And nothing says April to me like a buncha tulips! (unless of course, it’s being a Fool for Peace!)



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