PA Marriage Peace, llvl

I live in Pennsylvania. I find it quite beautiful. There are many things about it that make me very happy. Here I am, living la vida local in a village full of nice people.

And, yet, all the jokes about how backward we are often sting with truth. Tuesday some of that changed. Not so much because people went out of their way to change it, but because the Federal Court said, “no, this is hateful. We’re better than this.” Thank you. And certainly, there are people who are still unhappy, who feel that their rights have been taken away because someone else has gained theirs. Oh, no, they say, I don’t want to see people (usually men) doing x, y and z. that’s nasty. (OK, I started 4 sentences, couldn’t get anywhere but ranty in the x-rated category.)

There’s still work to be done. HB & SB 300 which would prohibit discrimination in housing and workplace has yet to be passed. But there are even signs that that will pass (go right ahead here’s move on‘s version and here’s‘s, sign either!)

But as a woman on of whose online monikers is the wedding priestess, let me just say i’m really happy. It’s ‘way past time for people’s relationships to be recognized by their communities, by the state and, I believe, by their faith traditions. Not all faith traditions agree with me… ok. But our beloved separation of church and state allows your tradition to believe as it does while not allowing it to abrogate anyone’s rights.

So I am grateful for this much needed striking down of a hateful law. I’m proud to officiate at weddings and proud that my tradition encourages that. I believe we will be better for that. You don’t make Peace by excluding folk. You do make Peace with Love. Let’s hear it for Love! Wanna get married? Call me.


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