New New Year New Moon Peace, LLVL

I’ll take it. I’ll take the restart. Rebooting 2014.

Am I the only person for whom things seem to linger like this? Where the new year begins with the old year spilling over. In my case there was still letting go to finish. And for aching hearts there’s a journey between doing what needs to be doing, standing firm and present, and beginning to heal. First you sleep and then you can face what’s ahead.

So, it’s a wonderful gift of a month for sorrowing hearts, and slow ones, and even sloppy ones.

An auspicious new Moon… and the second in a month, a phenomenon called the Black Moon. I love the Dark of the Moon… a time of reflection, time to consider what seed will take root in your heart for the month, and in this case, the year, ahead.

And tomorrow? Candlemas and more dawning. Hooray! May Peace take root in your heart and grow in your neighborhood. And Love. and what the heck, why not, and Understanding!


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