Morning After Peace, llvl

I’ve been thinking about Jeremiah… I’ve always liked that hoary Hebrew Scripture prophet — at least from a distance. I think he’d not have been a comfortable buddy. There’s more written by him than any other Biblical character. He ran around trying hard to get people to wake up! “Peace! Peace! the people cried. But there is no Peace.”

We talk easily about Peace. But we don’t do Peace. We’ve allowed ourselves to let that settle back… A few old guys on the Post Office Corner on Saturdays, and nothing much else. We want Peace or so we say, but we don’t go out of our way for it…

We don’t understand the work it is. It is as hard as war, harder. It demands compromise. It demands generosity. It demands sacrifice. It demands Love. It demands knowing we are not all that matters.

It looks both exactly the same and very different in different communities. Peace is local. Peace is global.

It’s heartbreaking right now to read the news. To see people of this nation hating… and calling it Peace. Hating people of different religious groups, while claiming oppression. Hating small children seeking the same Rights and Hopes our forebears sought. Carrying guns to shop for underwear rather than taking cookies next door to newcomers. And to see our government be so far from a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

And yet we balance these hard and sad truths with groups working to feed local children, create local liveable communities for seniors, making music across all sorts of lines. I work hard to find the Hope. I wish I had to look farther for the ugliness…

Peace. Let me be Peace. Let us make Peace. Let us keep shoving back the hatred. Isn’t that a worthy goal for this Fourth of July Weekend?



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