Lunatic Love under the Snow Moon

I guess Valentine’s Day is for lovers… that’s what they tell us. And I’m happy I have my sweet Valentine (and happier still that he’s visiting our family giving great big grampa hugs!) But I still like school Valentine’s Days when we all sent everyone sweet small hearts. (I only now think about the fact that there were kids who probably couldn’t afford this…)

But Valentine’s Day was for everyone. And if there was someone in your class you balked at sending an “I love you” card, you had the long discussion with your mom about loving everyone. There wasn’t a problem next year! Friendship like many other things, needs to be cultivated.

Valentine’s day, not just hearts and flowers for star-crossed lovers… (and un-star-crossed lovers)… Love is for everyone. Love is for Peace. Peace is certainly for everyone. Lunacy. You betcha. The best kind under a consolidating Snow Moon. What could be better?


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