Lucie and Her Many Bears

What a lovely story. Lucie, age 10, when delivered an ultimatum by her mom  to  to throw out, sell or donate her no-longer-used toys, decided to give her toys to her brother’s pre-school. The principal, moved by her gift, gave her a certificate at a “build-a-bear workshop,” along with a tag that said “For Good Use.”

For some reason, upon reflection, Lucie decided that meant she should donate her bear to someone who needed it. She chose the Ronald McDonald House near her. But she decided not to give just one bear, but has embarked on a campaign of building many bears for Kids or siblings of Kids with serious illnesses. She’s had fund raisers, accepts donations and puts her allowance and Christmas presents to work.

One kid, and a huge difference in people’s lives — the children who receive the bears, their grateful parents and the children and adults who are moved (perhaps even to action!) by Lucie’s generosity. You know, my friends, it’s not the grand gestures that build a world of Peace. It’s the little ones. This child and her furry friends make that clear. Merci, Lucie! (Read more about her here.)

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