Little Bits of Peace, llvl

This is a crazy-making time of year. Everyone’s caroling about Heavenly Peace, and meanwhile, back on Earth, people, particularly parents are going cray-cray.

Oh, It’s the break for Winter Holidays. Let’s throw in the end of the year madness so that no one has any time at all to enjoy things.

So, I’m coping any way I can, but one way is to celebrate each little bit of completion as a gaily wrapped Holiday Package under the tree I haven’t done anything about putting up.

Yesterday, it seems I wasn’t alone in feeling the stress. There was more than one FB post saying “ack.” (or alackaday… how come no one says that anymore? Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forest Gang used to say it all the time.)

So if you’re making a list (and checking it 800 times, sure the jolly red-suited guy only needs to check his twice, well isn’t HE special?), you might want to keep a little tally of everything you’ve done. At some point you might decide, “that’s enough!” no matter what else is on your list.

But I wish you small islands of Sanity, small experiences of the Sacred Dark and Quiet, and yes, you know me, I’ll keep holding up Peace as something to aspire to! Maybe it will inspire us to put down the list and enjoy something we love. And along with Deb Slade in this beautiful photo (look you can see a snowflake!), I’m hoping for snow. We don’t want the reindeer to have to work hard in case they have to land! And besides, getting snowed in would mean a bunch of things got accomplished! pant, pant, pant.


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