Let us Build Peace for the Babies

Dagny, who takes these critter pics, is a large animal vet. We don’t see (or haven’t so far) the intimate messy details of her work, but she does offer us the wonderful gasp of wonder with this tiny preemie llama.

And it’s true that at the same time I’m oohing and ahing over the red-coated llama, FB is also allowing me to breathlessly watch my friends’ tiny, tiny baby insist on life while the two of them fall in love.

New life. It’s astonishing and fragile and so, so precious.

When we see it, when we look at it and allow ourselves to be seduced by the wonder, then I think we need to put the world to rights. Those precious fragile babies deserve Peace.

If we’re caught by their deliciousness, human and critter… then we need to build a world for them that reflects a commitment to their growing into their potential. Babies deserve Peace. Llama babies. Human babies. Aardvark babies. Babies. Peace.


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