Every Day for Everyday Peace

Already, and it’s only March, we’ve seen some fabulous Sunsets, here on this blog and out in the world. But most days the Sun sinks quietly. Many days we only notice it growing darker because it’s been a gray and cloudy day and promises to be a gray and cloudy night.

For me, that’s the point of this year’s picture taking. Every day is a beautiful day. Every day is the perfect day to make Peace. We make it ways both big and little. We make Peace in our own environment and lives — tidying up what needs to be tidied, fixing what needs to be fixed, replenishing what needs to be replenished and appreciating it all. After all, in too much of the world, people are starved for safety and regular days.

And other days are for making Peace out in the world. For most of us, that’s finding small ways to better our community. For others it’s doing huge international projects. Whatever you do, Peace.

Today, is just another day for Peace. For me, it’s a day of everyday matters and making today matter. Because Peace.


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