Laughing, Adventuresome Peace

Watching a niece the other day, I had to admit to myself that I’ve become very sedentary about adventuring. My mind is adventuresome, but i don’t take the rest of me off exploring very often. I have Important Work, you know. I have A Great Deal to Do. Peace Must Be Made, you know.

Sigh. Be it here resolved. That I Ann Keeler Evans, Priestess and Poet, (you have grandiose names for yourself, right? Come on!!!) is declaring herself Ann Keeler Evans, Adventuresome Poet and Priestess. Sweet Drummer and I are going to find an adventure this week and then make a practice of including more Joy in our lives. Chores to be accomplished will have an element of adventure thrown in. Time to find (refind) the Magic of Everyday and the Magic of the Deliberate Adventure. I’m going to practice at this a bit. Start collecting that laughter lying around. Because really? Peace isn’t going to be worth lots if we’re not laughing all the way.


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