Joining Advent & Sabbath Peace

At last, the fourth and final Advent candle: Peace.  Do we understand that we are responsible for Peace, responsible for being Peacemakers? Not just smoothing things over, although calming rough waters is important; but acknowledging our similarities and celebrating our differences. The prayer might read like this: “May I be a person who encourages that which is right and just. Let me stand fast for my beliefs and cherish the work of Peace. Blessed Be.”

To that we add (join? connect?) the Peace of the Sabbath. A very weird warm humid Sabbath here in Central PA. Today it’s 59 headed into the 60s, by tuesday night it will plummet into the teens. And the stinkbugs are out. blech. I know, as Bill Staines says “all God’s creatures gotta place in the choir.” Obviously fragrance is part of that choral arrangement. And I’m not properly appreciative. But if the verb is join, they’ve just joined the heavenly chorus. (can you hear it?)

But the harp is sounding. We are to join the chorus for Peace. We are to be the chorus for Peace. (wow, weird dream flashback, I was joining the men’s chorus in my dream — given my cold this morning, not inappropriate, i’ll cover the bass as long as it’s only one squeaky note. But the men’s chorus just practiced on a better day!)

Ok, back to Peace. That’s what it’s all about, wherever we go, whatever we’re up to, we just get back to Peace. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.



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