Insistent Peace, LLVL

So, here’s the deal with this living la vida local, it’s not all sweetness and life.

Even in my beautiful little river valley, things are wrong. I may not be responsible for fixing everything, although I would judge that I’m responsible for fixing what I can and for thinking about fixing. (Because there’s certainly no Peace if people are hungry.) But I am responsible for calling out what I see — both the Beauty and the warts, the privilege and the lack of it. Here we are, in it.

I haven’t had a lot of writing assignments this week, although I haven’t written for the paper lately… sigh. so I’d written ahead a bit on my dailies, feeling pretty satisfied. But that lil angel had other ideas. I hope she’s going to show up occasionally… (notice she’s a she today? wonder how that will keep changing…)

This poem fell out of a lunch with the guy who’s been my biggest co-conspirator on the Love Flows. He’s the logistics end of the dreaming. So when I said, flood relief, he said here’s how. When we started thinking food, he’s now thinking BOLD and LARGE and occasionally I think about logistics. While we’re thinking about about what we do next, no reason not to throw some money in the pot if you have some. We’re building up resources for the next assault against hunger. Hopefully we’ll get to work on the website next week. Living la vida local is loco… lots of demands on a priestess’s time… but the donate button works. Or donate where you are. And stay tuned. Priestesses reflect, but it’s not all they do.

Lliving in the neighborhood, dancing around the village helps you see, and seeing confers the need to speak, and speaking pushes one to gather others around to make a difference. It’s a Peace Dance, and we’re all invited. And for the moment I’m not going to worry about the fact that I’m channeling info from a stone angel.


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