If Peace is Lunacy, Hear, Hear!

We read the newspapers and it’s enough to discourage one from trying. But I hope that we will read the newspapers and find ourselves renewed in purpose.

Things are not as they should be, could be. We have only a couple ways to go with that. And if it is ridiculous to keep moving toward wholeness, I say let’s move in the direction of both ridiculousness and wholeness… er… “walk this way!”

Whether you call the vision that leads you Hope or the Divine, right relationship is a goal worth working towards.

I don’t know who’s on your team, but I hope that you know. I don’t know what bit of insanity you feel best prepared to work on, but I hope that you know where your passion is.

And if that passion is inspired by ridiculous notions of what is right, I say dance by the light of the Moon and find yourself more inspiration and continued encouragement. Peace, a lunatic and so wise a goal. (And what the heck, laugh with your teammates as you go).


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