A Pearl of Peace Lunacy

It seems ludicrous to believe in Peace. But what choice to we have? If, touched by the majesty of the World and the serenity of the Moon, if, knowing that the Moon’s calm Beauty spills across the world on desert and mountain alike, I can believe the possibility of Peace, then I must work to make it so.

There is such grandeur in this world. To diminish it is to diminish ourselves. I wanted to say let us hope… but realized unless we take Hope as an active verb with power and purpose attached to it, we’re doing little to change the world.

Yesterday, three men killed twelve others because they found their cartoons demeaned their religion. Today, the world wants all of Islam to make restitution, even though they never ask that of their own religion when one of theirs goes bad. Today we should mourn with the whole world that such violence is what we’ve found as a useful response to a world not to our liking.

We can do better and indeed, we must. Let us put on pearls of Peace and not take them off. Let us look at the Moon and let her remind us to help the ebb and flow of Peace in this world. Let us stand with our neighbors in the moonlight and be of one heart, one world. A lunatic idea? Perhaps… it’s certainly the Moon that makes me consider such a thing.

Peace, it’s what we need. And Peace needs us, desperately.


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