Icy Snow Moon Sabbath Peace

The first weekend of every February ice sculptures show up on the streets of my little town. (for a good cause, but I have to think of it as odd, folk also submerge themselves in a 35˚ Susquehanna, go figure!)

If the weather cooperates, they hang around. I missed some of them yesterday, so I’ll have to rush off to see them tomorrow before the rain starts.

It’s a lovely strolling day and a wonderful way to spend the day, out and about. For some amount of money, people can purchase tickets that entitles them to chocolate at a whole bunch o places… it’s a good thing.

So today, i wish you more strolling, more visiting with friends and family, more just having a good time. Quick, before the winter rains wash the beautiful ice away… Have a beautiful icy sabbath…

Peace is in the gathering of ice sculptures from different poles to seek detente and plot about how best to deal with the global climate change…



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