Icy Peace Assists, llvl

This was the first Winter in a very long time that we’ve had snow storm after snow storm causing dangerous conditions. Facebook has been littered with stories of massive pile ups on major high ways and cars sliding off roads into ditches.

Yesterday was the worst of conditions, a sudden ice storm left everything coated in about a quarter inch of ice. and the icicles were enormous.

For some folks, this was just one more day we had to be out and about. For others, it was another storm and we couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t postpone things any longer… although this was highly dangerous for a couple hours.

The only hope one had was that neighbors would drag you out of any icy puddles. At the end of this long snow spell, neighbors are pretty well primed to be helpful. So, be careful out there, there are snow piles, thin crusted puddles, and slush. And be neighborly… it’s the only Peace you can see… but when someone picks you up off your butt… it’s pretty real.

A new acquaintance from the Quartet I’ve been raving about slipped yesterday and his viola was shattered. He says it’s repairable… I can’t imagine the shock… but a neighbor who repairs string instruments has two for him to try and borrow… helping him out of that snow pile… and dusting him off as best as possible…

So mind your footing and keep your hands out to pull a neighbor out of a jam. Peace.


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