Harmonize in Joy for Advent Peace

I find singing harmony far more fun than singing alone. When everyone has to listen to each other whether or not you’re singing lead, it’s so fun. And when you’re singing lead, in some ways your choices are narrowed. You sing the tune. You hold the center. It’s not about being Ms. Bigshot, it’s about holding the clarity while other people weave around you. Because if you start wandering off, your harmonizers have nothing to hold on to and you make them look bad.

If you’re a strong center, then everyone else gets to lay back and take risks. And if a risk goes awry, oh, well, the center held, try again. Ready to take the risks for a while. Find someone else strong enough to hold the center. Ah-mazing! And then everyone needs to adjust as a new singer starts. Where is the center of their notes?

Oh, it’s a good metaphor for this Peace-making thing. First you find the tune, then you find the grace notes that embellish it, all the while listening to the other singers so that your grace glides lightly over their grace. Peace! Harmony! and Understanding! Yahoo. That’s what you want in this season of Holidays! Making Magic. Making Memories. Doing the hard work and having a fine time as you do it. Joy! Joy! Joy! Deep in my heart.



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