Great Leaping Peace!

It’s funny when it’s chilly outside to think of cheery dolphins leaping, but of course they don’t care what the weather is.

And their joyous leaping is something to remember in our own lives. They do it for a lot of reasons, they look for predators, they get more air, they find direction… but they also leap in play — for the sheer joy of it. What if we allowed ourselves to be that joyful?

And what if after our leap we fell back into the waters of Peace and could luxuriate there?

It’s Leap Year. Perhaps we ought to spend it leaping into Peace… Perhaps during Leap Day, we might court Peace, invite it to be our Beloved…

Think about it, why don’t you? and what the heck, leap, if only a tiny little bit for Peace, into Peace. Peace every day. Everyday Peace.  It matters.


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