Food: Memories, Geography, Peace

I like food. You may already have suspected that about me!

I love the tastes and textures and I love what it teaches me about the lands it comes from.

Cold Sesame Noodles helped me understand that people from different regions in China migrated with their people to different regions in the US. So what we learn about Chinese food (China, that vast, vast country) really depends on where we live.

When you think of it, it all makes sense. Every region has its own style and delicacies. Certain foods grow better there than elsewhere. And when you leave your home, you tend to move to a place where people speak your language and eat your food. Comfort. Security. Familiarity. Home grows from these things.

I don’t often think of the vastness of China or the incredible number of people there. It’s not part of my daily existence. But something as silly and insignificant as noodles can send me to look at a map and get some info! Slowly trying to rectify what a bad student of geography I was. I’m telling you, people should have taught me with food, I’d have learned a lot more quickly!

Making Peace is work. It takes understanding. Might as well have a plate of good food to fuel yourself for the journey. Peace of the Cold Sesame Noodles to you, my friend! And happy Leap Day!


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