A Fiery Sabbath Day of Peace Preparation

And there’s a mouthful, eh?

The Moon wakes me early (but do i have the sense to go to bed early? No!)

Last night before I slept, I heard from Nanso, she of the Peace Mandalas, that she had an image for me for Leaping into Peace for tomorrow. Oh, Hurrah!

Today, my job is to allow myself to be suffused with the fire of Peace, which burns eternal — catches soul after soul on fire — and yet does not harm us.

It’s the Sabbath, breathe out. It’s the fire of Peace, breathe in. Again and again. Until we are both relaxed and ready. Because Peace will only come if we bring it home!

Thee and I know, the world needs it. Peace. Practice your jumping! Tomorrow we Leap.


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