Focusing on Peace, llvl

There are so many distractions, and they’re noisy and brightly colored and many of them awful. And so we run from pillar to post, poking at this, poking at that… and it pulls us away — maybe it’s only me, but i doubt it — it pulls us away from what we can do.

We have to witness, yes. People need to know we hear and see them and their plight. And we have to keep making a difference where we can. We have to speak up, gently, firmly, insistently. And we have to keep making a difference where we can.

If Peace really is piecework, then I have to keep working my little bit of it, building up piles to be put into the pattern so that you can do your little piece of it and so that together it starts to be a blanket that covers us in Possibility, Hope and Comfort. And every once in a while we should feast and dance and rejoice because that does a heart and body good. (and a mind and a soul!)

Seeing the madness. Hearing the hatred. Insisting on Peace.


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