Eagle Peace, llvl

It has been a long journey for the eagles to come back to life in my little Valley. Careful breeding programs and reinstitution into this area. The rivers had to be cleaned up so that the fish they ate were life giving. And now fracking is threatening those rivers again.

But yesterday, Lady Eagle wasn’t concerned about that. She sat regally in the sunshine, casually accepting the startled cries of passersby that acknowledged her beauty.

Sometimes Nature just grabs your attention. Yesterday was one of those days. This beautiful shallow river ran clear over stones, the beginnings of fall’s colors occasionally drifting by. The air was clear and there wasn’t a cloud. Thank you!

And Sunday is the largest Climate March ever. Because all the hard-fought gains are at risk… and so much more. Time for us to step up and speak out for our beloved Mother Earth. Peace must be one with the ground we live on. And we’re needed to respond.


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