Flower Moon Peace Walks

I recently, finally, thankfully started walking again, after a winter of inertia. I swear, I could have sat all night, I could have sat all night, and never left the chair… Oh, right, I did. all winter! And the book? Went in a circle.

I was gearing up to boot my butt out the door when my friend asked me if i wanted to walk. I sniveled, I bargained, but at least 5 days a week, there i am at 7 am out in the neighborhood.

What’s great (exercise aside) is that SJ is a student of the Earth. So I feel as if I’ve got a tourguide to my town. I’m likely to see houses, skies rivers, she sees the Earth in so many ways.

It’s such an interesting and alternative view as we walk along and look and talk. There we were last week standing under a group of trees outside Deb the photographer’s house that were filled with Cedar Wax Wings. A whole charm of them.

And then looking at a little bog filled with something or other that someone was going to be so glad to hear about because she’d been wanting it in her garden and nature wasn’t going to begrudge her a few plants.

And then hearing about the knot weed, the good, the bad and the ugly.

There’s a lot of bounty out there in the Flower Moon. Including the pollen —which make the lovely maple trees. There are a lot of ways to make Peace with this Earth. I hope I keep the walking up. There’s so much to see and learn and do! Peace! You’re so fascinating!



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