Flower Moon Love and Peace

The Flower Moon. Today’s the day it begins to build. In a couple hours, not one bit of the moon will be visible. Even now, as I write, there’s just 0.1 percent of the Pink Moon left. (I know, it’s daytime so it’s not visible at all!)

But, then there it will hover, a vast empty slate, full of possibilities.

It’s called the Flower Moon because the world gets so busy blooming. But it’s also called the Mother Moon, the Milk Moon and the Corn Planting Moon. Mammals all over our region are giving birth and nurturing their young.

We’ve got stuff to think about! Finding the Peace and the Balance. And today? we also have Love to think about. One young philosopher is making huge discoveries about Love…  here we are. Love is and it keeps going. I’m not sure whether he was thinking that we keep loving those that were gone, or that their Love lingers on our hearts when they’re gone… tiny little fuel cells of Love.

So, in the Flower Moon, let us Love and let us Peace!



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