Fleeting Gold, Lasting Peace

Part of the reason I wanted to write this series this year was to encourage us to be present to the moment. From the very beginning of the year, really, from January first, people started listing the number of days until spring or summer. (as if summer isn’t just a count down to winter, hello folks!).

It’s so foolish to wish away time. For those of us who have sat at the end points of people’s lives, we know how precious those last days are, even when it’s clear they’re leaving, and soon, on the go-to heaven bus.

Those last moments to soothe, and comfort. The last laughs and words of love. As hard as it is, it’s so very sweet, so powerfully intimate, so agonizingly beautiful. It’s beauty you don’t want to look past, even if you wish your beloved weren’t suffering (And I’m here to tell you modern medicine and humans had better figure out the hows and whys of keeping people comfortable.) But those awful moments are also gold. And then they’re gone.

But the going doesn’t diminish the beauty. They’re just over.

Winter is beautiful. It’s hard. It’s Beauty is unlike the Summer’s. As I sit writing, it’s pouring outside, making dangerous ice. Stay home, not good driving conditions. But still… beautiful for all that…

When the gold appears, stop and notice. Stop and appreciate. Stop and give thanks. And then keep your eyes open, because it will happen again.

You make Peace last by remembering those moments. The more you notice, the more you’ll see. The More Peace you’ll make. May that be so.

For today, I have this photo of golden beauty and a day at the computer and the kindle. I have food. I have flowers in the house and candles. Life is pretty darned good. (and my landlord shoveled! hurrah!)


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