Falling in Love, Peace, LLVL

I wonder if it’s that simple. Just to fall in Love. To allow myself to become curious and infatuated with everything outside my door. What is this and why is it like that?

When I was in seminary, I spoke about finding the new Eden… but it’s really more like co-creating a new Eden, isn’t it. If we want to live in Eden, we have to make it. Not by walling ourselves off or excluding people, but rather by making a place where everyone is welcome, where we work for Justice and Life is revered.

Some of that starts with not hating my life, with being welcoming of the Beauty I live in and celebrating the Beauty I contribute to. It means focusing on what is important — not in ignoring what is ugly and unPeaceful, but on working to change that.

There are so many ways to make a difference. We all “see” from a different perspective. But if we begin to celebrate what we see that’s beautiful and to make better the stuff that’s not… it’s got to get better.

Part of what I’m beginning to see as important — or should I say, what I’m beginning to say that I can do — is to help see and describe one place where people can make a difference — a lot of one places… maybe this, maybe that. There’s not just one place, but there might be one place for you.

What do you (allow yourself to) fall in Love with outside your door? It’s a fair question, isn’t it. If nothing does, open your heart… there’s something wonderful waiting for you.


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