Every Day, Beauty; Every day, Peace

Every day, there is something about that day’s unfolding that is beautiful. Actually, there are many things, if we just look.

But we need let go our assumptions that there is only one kind of beauty or we miss what the world has to offer.

Every day the world unfolds. To miss that is to miss life. We don’t have life to waste, wishing it away. Life is so precious; and it’s so damned fleeting. So many people I’d like back for a bit longer… So many people I’d have missed if I hadn’t had that grey fall or that long winter. Beauty is there on offer and it’s there to discover and it’s there to make. Same with Peace. It’s up to us. See it or waste it. Make it, or shorten our engagement with Peace and Beauty.

Beauty every day. Peace every day. Because every day matters.


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