Even Tiny Bits of Realized Peace

Sometimes you just have to stop and take stock and say, “Wow. we did that.”

Today is one of those days.  40 some people are on a bus from where I live to Staten Island (I’m already here, bouncing impatiently up and down.) We haven’t put hammer to sheetrock, or bleach to mold, but we will. But what we have done is run a successful campaign and organized ourselves and our talents and our gifts and gotten them on the bus headed toward good, but hard work and good celebration.

The road to Peace is long and tiring. So it’s important to celebrate the milestones, however tiny. I’ve said before that we’ve only got a teaspoon of water to an empty well, but if we all filled our teaspoons and took them to empty wells, not only would we be caring for one another, we would be filling wells. And when many of us come carrying teaspoons, people with buckets will be inspired to do what they can. And then engineers who can tap into the groundwater will think… “wait, I can solve that problem.”

So my dears, teaspoons up, click, fill, pick your empty well, and start walking. And every once in a while along the way, remember to say, “Wow! we did that!” (and I’m proud of all of us, myself included!)


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