Drifting Peace

We’re so bound and determined to do things now. Now! NOW!

Sometimes now is not the right time. Sometimes it’s not the right time because you’re not well (or well-enough) prepared.  Sometimes it’s not right because it’s just not the right time.

When the way is drifted shut, it’s not the right time.

You can work against that, but you run the risk of not only missing the beauty of right here and right now, but also of losing sight of the long-term goal in your need to forge ahead.

When the way is soft and drifted, admire it and hole up for a while. Enjoy the Peace of what is.

Peace of the snowy drifts to you.

I find this picture particularly poignant, because 2016 doesn’t look like a year of a lot of drifted snow. It’s early days, i can easily be wrong, but… Enjoy the beauty. Enjoy the fact that for once, there are no miles to go before you sleep. Dare to enjoy the Peace and Quiet!


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