Discombobbled in the Sugar Moon

It catches me off guard every year. February has only 28 days, who knew?

It’s not like I wind up with extra money at the end of the month. No this is always a catch up month so times are just as desperate on the last day of the month now as they are any end day.

It’s just I have more I want to get done, and poof! I’m out of month.

Yes, I know the poem. I know February only has 28 days. But it seems I don’t know it; not deep down in my bones.

And I wonder… Why did we change to a solar year? Oh, my gosh, google that madness. Science. Astronomy. Warfare. Easter. Because it’s correct (even though that’s not the thought in Ethiopia or Mt. Athos. Because I can. This Caesar and that. Because no one thought the keeping days to a regular length and adding a month every once in a while was a good idea.

Wait! What, are they kidding? People used to add in a 27 day month every x years? Do you know what we could do with an extra month? In my perfect world, it would be a month of Awareness and Appreciation. It would be a month of Culture and Creativity. It would be a month of Fasting and Feasting. It would be a month of Prayer and Peace. Let the whole world say… Yes! Let’s start saving for the Peace Celebration.

And until that happens, I’m grumpy about February. It’s gone, it’s March, and I was so taken off guard that I never got time to say goodbye. February. Peace be with you? Maybe this will be the year I have finally learned your lesson and your form. March. Welcome. and yes, Peace.

And oh, my goodness, did you see that Moon last night. and around here, as promised, it’s going to be warmer. Wednesday it’s supposed to rain. Shocking.


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