Deer Hunting Peace

This is not a facile connection. And yet. It is the first day of Deer Hunting Season. Our schools are not in session because of it. I could have written on something altogether different. But in my part of the world this is a big reality.

I eat meat. I’m a rural Pennsylvanian. My being squeamish about this is simply my pretending that the animals I eat were alive.

I know that many people around here depend on that meat for their dinner table. And some just like the taste of venison. Aren’t free range animals what we aim for? And I know the herds need to be culled so that the animals don’t starve to death this winter. Because that is not a way to die.

So i ask only that people be very careful. I have friends and relatives in the woods, please use your safety rules.

And be grateful to and respectful of the animals being killed. They too are our relatives.

Oh, and butcher it properly so you’re not driving around with a dead animal on the front of your car. Ick. Reminder to ann. Stay close to home these next couple days. so you can miss that sight. And oh, FB will be a bit fraught as well. As I said, I’m a rural Pennsylvanian.

Peace, folks. And be careful out there.



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