Day by Day Peace

So long to my summer idyll. Didn’t get as much swimming in as I often do, since I was in CA… But every time was sweet.

Closing pools always leave me wistful. it’s not that I mind the advent of Autumn (although I still hold that TWO weeks before labor day is too early to close the pool)… it’s that I love the being suspended in a body of water outside. And a town pool at the close of a year is often fairly quiet. (For some reason, some people get tired of the pool. Go figure!)

Last night, I found myself frantically googling “Lakes close to Lewisburg,” thinking, it can’t be over, it can’t!

But it is. So, time to join an indoor pool that’s big enough I can actually get those laps in so I’m strong enough (for life and) getting my Lifeguarding Badge! Time to figure out some plans for next summer’s indulgence.

And oh, right, get back to work.

But oh, the sweetness of the town Pool and Summer. Luckily, its Peace will come again next year.



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