Dangers of Snow Globe Peace, llvl

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Everyone else was complaining about the weather and I was happy, happy, happy. Big fat fluffy flakes, all day long. It never got icy, I only shoveled once… but it was enough for exercise. ahhhh. And I had a warm bowl of pasta in the middle of it. Yep. a great day.

But still the roiling in our world tore at me. Steve and I have a daughter in the Bay Area, we both have many friends and storms were raging. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power. There are flash floods. Our kids are ok… but not everyone is. And this huge storm will likely run away to quickly to make a huge dent in the drought although it will change the snowpack.

At the same time, in our world, there is so much ugliness being uncovered. Ugliness that many of us were content to ignore since it wasn’t always poking at us in our daily lives. Poverty. Racism. Misogyny. Violence. Torture. Guns. Sheer mean avarice and stupidity.

There wasn’t enough pretty snow to put a covering on that. We’re just going to have to go to work, shoveling ignorance, indifference and complicity out of our souls as we shovel the snow into banks alongside the sidewalks. People need us to wake up. People need us to do the work. Peace needs us as well.

Here in the season of Joy to the world and Peace on Earth… let us take them seriously… Let us stay faithful to our goals of Peace on Earth.



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