Connect to the Joy of Advent Peace

EEK… almost forgot to connect about connecting. Happy Holidays! I’m running around like a fool… I had food and money cards from church to get to our local food bank. Do you think my family is expecting gifts? hmmm. I admit it, I’m a failure as a gift giving Grannianni… I find other ways to connect! I need to find more and better…

The holidays, which ever one(s) it is you’re celebrating, are a great opportunity to connect. You know me, I’m a big proponent for celebrating lots of holidays. (There’s no place like your home for my holidays. It’s my new favorite song!) But remember you don’t need to connect with people who don’t make you happy. Lonely is far better than actively unhappy at Christmas. Lonely can be experienced (connected with) and then connections can help smooth a path and perhaps change your holiday experience.

And if you’re alone? Perhaps you need to take this time to connect with yourself. Make your space wonderful. Feed yourself healthy foods. Plan what you want to do next. Take steps toward the best you!

Connecting. It matters and it helps. Peace is all about connecting the dots and connecting the hearts.


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