Comfort Food and Peace

Every season has its comfort foods, but somehow when you put fresh asparagus on a scale with lasagna, the lasagna usually tips the scales. But that’s because winter foods are heavy to keep us warm during the winter and summer foods are light to keep us cool in summer.

And just as we celebrate the spring green asparagus, we celebrate the warmth tomato sauce and cheese. This is a lovey twist on it. Makes me want to try it. Well, eat it, not make it! But cauliflower is a great and versatile favorite… Why should eggplant have all the fun?

I believe warm, full bellies can help create Peace. It’s hard to think about Peace when you can’t think about anything but hunger. People want to know what to do about Aleppo… Donate. People are finally being evacuated. They’ll need to eat. They’ll need food and clothes and shelter.

Fill your belly and eat it in the safety of your home. LIght your twinkle light and think about how privileged we are. Then think about where we need to make Peace. And then think about how you can Peace most effectively… and then? Peace!

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