Chocolate Cake Batter Peace, another llvl

Wherever you are life goes on. (it went on so quickly, I didn’t have time to write yesterday, first time in a long time!) I may be looking out over one of the prettiest harbors in the world, one that is far from my beloved coves on the Susquehanna, but put a two year in the kitchen with adults and an emptied bowl of chocolate cake batter, and it’s the same. Spoons out and dig in! So la vida local is always la vida even when the locale changes from place to place. It’s all about making memories, creating family and laughter and love!

So interesting to drop back into life after 6 years. My friend’s mother is gone now, I had hoped to see her once again — She said when I left the last time, “I will probably not see you again, but it was nice to have known you…” I’d hoped she was wrong, but… no. And my friend’s children, one with a child of his own, are fully functioning adults… and yet, it is life, it is the same, rich and sweet.

Fish and fish and fish. and sweet times. The wind’s blowing and it’s chilly, but still so beautiful. I’m a little cloudy still from too much sleep after too little, but I’ve been promised a brisk walk around the village to clear my head.

I’m always amazed that you can move so easily between lives… i guess i think the secret (for me, at least) is to remember that while their life is foreign to me, it’s local to them, so it’s about fitting myself in and not comparing, just enjoying. And the cake was as good cooked as battered… because cooked it had strawberries and cream… yep, the wonderful thing about this local life is that strawberries are just now coming into season! yay!

Peace be with us, Peace be with us all! Summer’s Peace. Peace of the laughter of small boys. Peace of dear, long-time friendships… Peace.

(I’ve promised to blog on another site here on sacredvillage, but not today, and maybe not tomorrow. getting my Sweden legs… and more importantly Sweden head… Jet lag takes me somewhere cloudy, indeed)



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