Breezy, Leafy Peace

So many of the leaves are down, but plenty are still clinging to the trees. Enough that we’ll be raking for days to come.

Driving yesterday, the sun picked out color on the burnished hills. Here and there there were still a few golden spots although the color was darkening toward copper.

It’s November. Time for beautiful, empty, black branches upthrust against a cold, grey, rainy sky.

Although we don’t seem to have much rain, just beautiful, beautiful blue, blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures. It’s the time of the Moon when you have to get up pretty late at night (or pretty early in the morning) to catch the moon resting in the embrace of those empty branches. But if you do… it’s worth it, and the skies have been clear and starry.

I’ll take the Beauty and say thank you. I’ll take the Beauty and say Peace on Earth.


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