Birthday Peace

One of the really great things about birthdays is that they make you stop and think. Count your blessings. Assess your goals. And mine’s in Spring, so by the time my birthday gets here, Spring has usually established herself fairly clearly.

So I have fluffy pink and white birthdays filled with blossoming trees and scudding clouds. That’s pretty fun all by itself.

But this year I have to say, it may be the best ever. So many things are right. At the moment, my sisty, while not completely healthy, is fairly well, and we’re going to take an amazing trip together to look at whales and eagles. That’s pretty fine. Dinner tonight with the whole PA clan. Steve’s healthy and his (now my!) kids are coming to visit this summer. My Hannah is graduating from College and has a dream internship next year. I’m surrounded by friends and great music. And then, there’s my work. I love my work.

I love the poetry writing. I love the peace making. I love the preaching. I love the pastoral care. (I can’t think of anything else I like at the moment that starts with p) My blessing counter is spinning.

I don’t know if it takes everyone until 61 to be able look at life and say, this is pretty much all i could dream of, but I’m going to keep dreaming. But damn! And I’m going to keep dreaming! There is more Peace somewhere. And let’s just keep trying to find it. And if you love me, have a piece of cake and celebrate. And if you’re anywhere on the scale between loving me and not knowing me from Eve, what the heck, have a piece of cake and celebrate. And then back to your life (or start your life) doing exactly what you want to do!


One thought on “Birthday Peace

  1. I love this idea! I intend to share it with my friends in the Caucuses and the Balkins where peace-building is still essential.

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