All Out for Peace, llvl

It was a long, chilly spring here, which kept the violets happy. So that made me happy!

But summer has arrived. When this picture came across my desktop yesterday, I wasn’t altogether sure where I was going with it, and then I got it. These flowers don’t hesitate. They don’t wonder whether now’s the right time, or this is the right place. They offer their beauty — they go for it.

I may be the only one who dances back and forth from one foot to the other, but somehow I doubt it. Not every place, not everyone wants what i have to offer. oh well. That doesn’t mean I don’t offer it. It doesn’t mean I’ll be unappreciated. It may mean I should steer my blooming away from someone’s lawn, if they spend their time ruthlessly cutting it back, but sometimes they need to encounter Love’s profligacy…

it’s in each of us to be beautiful. It’s in each of us to be passionate. Let’s go for it! Life isn’t to be lived in black and white, it’s to be experienced (and appreciated) in its full living color! It’s summertime! Burst forth for Peace. Explode with Joy. Go for it; go all out for Peace.


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