Alchemical Peace

I confess I got caught. I was up far later than I ever am because I was watching last night’s twitter feed. Finally went to bed to find everything they “knew” to be true, wasn’t. The kids who’d been ID’d as the bombers, are not the people they thought they were, so two families went through the horror of thinking that their children were either dead or monstrous perpetrators of evil. (I almost said creators, but evil and create are not compatible are they.)

I guess it’s a human need to think we’re in control. If we’re getting info, then we “know.” But Knowing doesn’t make the situation in Boston less dangerous. The kid on the run in addition to everything else is terrified and out of his mind and any choices he makes will be completely irrational… and therefore dangerous, both to him and everyone else. He feels probably as if he’s pulled off a great coup, his brother’s been martyred. Oh, the spin.

But what can we do? Watching TV, twitter (whoa… did twitter change the news last night or what?) won’t make a difference. I’m going to clean the living room. That won’t bring Peace but it will calm my mind and help me make space for whatever wonderful thing I next want to get up to.

Our responses to this mayhem must be new ways to Peace. Must be. Nothing I can tell but Love has ever created peace. Not the romantic kind. The big overarching kind. The Love beyond all boundaries kind. A deep and passionate commitment to bring that Love alive in the world in the ways we know. How do we balance pride in our tribe with fascination with others’ customs and traditions? How do we find purpose and meaning and make sure that everyone has that opportunity… and can do it safely housed, educated, well and on a full belly? Big questions for small individuals; but we’ve each got a thread in our hands. Time to unravel it and knit something beautiful together. Because we are people of Love… and that makes us people of Peace.


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